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Wednesday September 19, 2018

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Transformation Stories

Prakash develops himself as a model farmer
Prakash Thapa is 27 years old resident of Kukhure village-8 Mahakali Village Development Committee. He has four family members including his parents, wife and son. The main occupation of his family is agriculture and livestock. Prakash stayed in city Kathmandu and works in marketing for few years. Later he is not satisfied with his job so decided to go back home and support family in agriculture.

Principle and Approaches

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Principle approach and modality of implementation

SCN will work with existing groups and/or create new self help groups (SHG)[1] and mobilize them, prioritize their immediate needs, aid in their transformation and empower them to take charge of their futures. SCN will facilitate the groups by organizing, strengthening and uniting them into Community Based Organizations (CBS) for their social, economic and cultural transformation. The CBOs will work with the local bodies in mobilizing resources and implementing development initiatives. SCN will work with the local bodies to help strengthen their institutionalization process, understand the scope of their roles and how to work in partnership with the CBOs.

[1]Self-help groups(SHG), also known as support groups, are groups of people who come together and provide mutual support for each other. The groups function informally and themembers share a common problemand achieve a common objective. Examples - farmers’ action group, women’s action group, creative adolescent girls group, child’s group, etc.