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Wednesday September 19, 2018

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Transformation Stories

Prakash develops himself as a model farmer
Prakash Thapa is 27 years old resident of Kukhure village-8 Mahakali Village Development Committee. He has four family members including his parents, wife and son. The main occupation of his family is agriculture and livestock. Prakash stayed in city Kathmandu and works in marketing for few years. Later he is not satisfied with his job so decided to go back home and support family in agriculture.

Women Empowerment

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Poor status of women in Nepal is partly due to patriarchal nature of society. Women are generally treated as second grade citizens and are discriminated as citizens. Literacy rate of women is far below then men. Women are not much involved in decision making at any level and do not play an active role in development.


Key Objective:

Empowered women actively contribute to decision making and address issues concerning themselves and the community.



  • Formation and mobilizing of women’s group, network, cooperative and federation
  • Develop entrepreneurship skills to earn extra income at local level
  • Strengthening knowledge and self confidence of women and enhancing their decision making capacity
  • Create opportunities for exposure and learning.
  • Create platform for women to develop talents and express their skills