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  • Announcement- Basic Course
    September 09, 2016
    Announcement- Basic Course on Community Development Management

  • Announcement- Diploma Course
    September 09, 2016
    Diploma Course on Community Development Management

  • Life Skills Training
    August 12, 2016
    Successfully completed three days Life Skills Training at Transformation Center, Badegaon from August 9-11, 2016

  • 20th Aniversary celebration
    December 27, 2013
    Share and Care Nepal "20th Aniversary" & "The Journey of Hope" celebration on 15 January 2014 (1st Magh 2070) @ Transformation Development Center, Badegaon

  • CBHDP Project Impact Evaluation
    August 29, 2013
    Successfully completed six years CBHDP Project Impact Evaluation at Haibung, Sindukot, Bhotechour, Baluwapati & Suntole VDCs of Sindupalchowk, Kavrepalanchowk and Kathmandu Districts on July 2013

Transformation Stories

Prakash develops himself as a model farmer
Prakash Thapa is 27 years old resident of Kukhure village-8 Mahakali Village Development Committee. He has four family members including his parents, wife and son. The main occupation of his family is agriculture and livestock. Prakash stayed in city Kathmandu and works in marketing for few years. Later he is not satisfied with his job so decided to go back home and support family in agriculture.

Transformation Stories

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LLE Turned Her Depressive Life Into Delightful

February 14, 2016

LLE Turned Her Depressive Life Into Delightful  


Shova Rokka is 41 years old now inhabit of Bhutandevi village-6 Harnamadi VDC with her daughter and son. Her husband expired 5 years ago due to diabetes. Then she has to take all household responsibilities. She uses to work as a labor in building construction at Hetauda, Simara and Kathmandu cities to feed her children and their education. She has never been to school because her family didn't afford but she sends her children to school with facing soreness and struggle.


She has taken by her father's friend to circus in India at the age of 14 years old. When she was in circus her early thoughts for life is a fun and entertaining people to make money. Later on she realized insecurity and high risk of her life in circus. She had no any other alternative hence somehow she spent 8 years in circus and returned back home at age of 22 years old. At that time her neighbors of village swell up and gossips that she was a prostitute in India and she never get married. Nevertheless allegation of villagers she got married after 2 years and begins her new life with her husband happily. But her happiness last only for 11 years and now she has turned into a single women. She thoughts if she didn't went to circus may be her life would be relatively comfortable than at the present.


She has wished to read and write but she never gets opportunity. She has heard that Share and Care Nepal e-WDC project is conducting Life Long Education class in her village. Afterward she has joined LLE class and begins to read and write. She feels happy and pride because can do her signature and read and write Nepali alphabets, words and sentences easily now. Meanwhile LLE project facilitated to organize Bhutandevi women action group and she became a member of women action group. Then she got chances to participate in group meetings, workshops & social events that develop self confidence and empower her.


As she was existence depressed life sees new hope and dreams. Project has provided assistance for regular health checkup and counseling. Women action group and project has boost up her confidence to struggle and live with new hopes in upcoming days. She assures that she will participate and support her women action group movement against human trafficking.


Collected by

Sharmila Gautam

Local Social Mobilizer

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